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How Hard Money Helps

Private Mortgage Financing Partners, a “Hard Money” lender differs from traditional financial institutions. PMF Partners is asset-based, so first, we

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Hard Money Loans for Real Estate

Hard Money for Real Estate Investments

August 16, 2021

Hard money loans can be a great tool for real estate investors. Hard money provides investors who are looking to

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when to consider hard money

When Should You Consider A Hard Money Loan?

July 26, 2021

When Hard Money Makes Sense You may be surprised to learn why many investors select the private lending path for

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wave of foreclosure

Wave of Foreclosures

Millions of Americans took advantage of the payment suspension and mortgage forbearance programs both lenders and the federal government rolled

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upside down on your loan? Consider hard money

Can a Mortgage Broker Help a Borrower Who’s Upside Down in His Property, AND Still Earn a Success Fee?

Loan request situations where the borrower owes more than the maximum available LTV for his situation and type of property

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we have paid brokers $$


Note Purchase $2.8 Million Principal Balance bought for $1.775 Million on Arizona Auto Collision Shop – Mortgage Broker Received $100,000.00

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Difference between APY and APR

As hard money lenders, we are often asked, “What is the difference between APY and APR.” Both are used to

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loan defaults on the rise

Trending: Rise in Default Loans

With the U.S. trying to get back to a more normal economic basis, and COVID-related SBA loans, loan forgiveness, and

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Getting Back to “Normal”

With the U.S. trying to get back to a more normal economic basis, and COVID-related SBA loans, loan forgiveness, and

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Commercial Mortgage Brokers: 5 ways a refi can be successfully concluded

Commercial Mortgage Brokers: Can a refinance be successfully concluded when the borrower owes more than 80% of the property’s value?

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Are You Dealing with a Broker Disguised as a Direct Lender?

In the hard/private lending business, as in the mortgage business as a whole, there are brokers, there are lenders, and

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Soft and Hard Money Loans

Soft and Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are very similar to bridge loans, with the primary differences being that most hard money loans are

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commercial bridge loan explained

Commercial Bridge Loans

Like their name implies, bridge loans are used to “bridge the gap” until long-term financing can be secured for the commercial property.

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