mortgage brokers in disguise

Beware! There are many mortgage brokers who disguise themselves as lenders. Read the fine print, some terms advertised are “not available” for the loan you are looking for. As a lender, we clearly state in our term sheet and Letter of Intent the relationship of the parties. PMF Partners advise our clients on how to make the best presentation, gathering needed documents, putting together an attractive loan application, and explaining to our clients the particulars of the loan offer. Contact PMF Partners today!


  1. lele.springboard®
    The one way to find a mobile device that has powerful capabilities and is safe to use is to check the functionality of it. It is a new feature which has been added to the site called Lite-E-Mail. Here, the members only need to connect their email and they can see the layout. As far as you are an email user, this new feature can be very useful for you. It even comes with email security that encrypts the

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  2. With support for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone devices (via the new LingvoExpress for Android), this must have application will come in handy wherever you study.
    Key Features:
    ? Smart Picture Recall makes learning foreign language easier than ever before.
    ? Effective Language Learning Made Easy:
    o Filters allow you to activate any text on any picture
    o Say what a picture represents by typing what you see or click on entry’s picture
    o Keep words in your database with its integrated Ph

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  3. ■ RAM: 136 MB MAX
    ■ Free Space: 100 MB

    Show you’re feeling lucky during every day by playing 2D Game Show screen saver. You can try your luck against the main game personalities like the show’s host and star Jay Leno, Tony Hawk, Thomas Middleditch and those live on stage. Show you’re not the same loser and perform better by pressing the button while someone is reading the question.
    ■ Display your name

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  4. You can visit for more information about MiscEl.

    The Internet is filled with all sort of software solutions for various professions, including engineers. One of the nice applications that they could use is MiscEl.
    It comes with various calculations that you could make, with simple components, circuits and more. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with plenty of tools at hand.
    Sleek graphical interface with lots of features

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  5. **Please note: After updating to 1.9.x, a URL is no longer available.**

    With Linux mint 13 using Jack Jackster borking for something how to change the ubuntu skin. The package that is listed on the download page is not there any way to get that.

    I have checked all updates on and I have no “skinswitching” installed in the repositories.

    Can you identify which PPA I

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  6. Search, play, blur, save directly to the cloud, organize your pictures into Folders, and much more…

    What’s new:

    1.1.4-fixes a few UI bugs which appeared in some devices, when viewing info.

    1.0.4-fixes a few UI bugs which appeared in some devices, when viewing info.If you like the app, you can buy one of the many supported printing services for this application at:

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  7. Microsoft Office 365 Business released November 2013. Office 365 is the single subscription plan that combines many Office products, online business collaboration tools, secure apps, and 1 TB of SkyDrive storage in one subscription.
    Microsoft’s most popular applications are now included in the plan. One client or one tenant can have both Exchange and SharePoint Online or both also for easier management.
    Using Office 365 you can connect via cloud to SkyDrive, access all your Microsoft apps and services like online versions of Word,

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  8. If you decide to add the Midori Chrome to your list of apps then you can get this useful software for a theoretical $0.00.

    Midori comes with a reasonably simple, yet functional, interface.

    Midori is a nice browser with a compatible interface.

    There are many browsers out there on the market, so it is important to find one with a clean and easy to use interface. If that is what Midori offers then you won’t be disappointed.

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  9. Have you ever felt like you are connected to the computer but that nothing’s getting done? Shouldn’t your applications give you all the help you need?
    You said no. A good situation, sometimes.
    An application such as CALL, however, might still be able to offer a way out of this unwanted programming platitude. Call does not do any speech recognition whatsoever, so you’ll need to fill in the blanks.
    With so little text, though, it could be

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  10. It’s really easy to use and doesn’t take up much space or require much time to install and use.

    So, really fun fun! The game, best way to improve your English vocabulary.Let’s try to understand the word if you get stuck, give us feedback!If all method is not at your disposal I will leave an answer to the best to try. :)The game is available for the last five months and have registered over 50 000 users that just have fun!Rules:

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  11. , and this is simply the game. But it’s not on a computer, it’s in your own house, and that says “we care about you, and we want you to have some fun.”

    GDC: That’s a good point about PC players and their perqs. Between loading times and the way we’re designed, everything feels like it’s meant to be a shared experience in the virtual space.

    MLS: I feel like it’s more perimissions

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  12. Ping was created back in 1994 as an on-screen keyboard tool by Jukka Mäkinen from Finland. It became popular both due to its easy-to-use and fast features as well as because of its successful integration into many Windows 95 applications. The program uses an intuitive rule based scheme that lets the user attach a shortcut of practically any text-replacing action to a virtual keyboard. Various functions such as word completion, fill, and cut/paste come in hand,

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  13. By using the ASSISTANT feature, EINSTEIN enables you to collect detailed information about your processes, the equipment you use on a daily basis and their efficiencies. Based on this data, you can automatically generate an optimization list and a contract tailored to your needs.
    Having a detailed database of your equipment and the details about their usage, EINSTEIN produces various reports to help you analyze the data that can be converted into guides, diagrams, utility bills or charts that you can

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  14. By using the ASSISTANT feature, EINSTEIN enables you to collect detailed information about your processes, the equipment you use on a daily basis and their efficiencies. Based on this data, you can automatically generate an optimization list and a contract tailored to your needs.
    Having a detailed database of your equipment and the details about their usage, EINSTEIN produces various reports to help you analyze the data that can be converted into guides, diagrams, utility bills or charts that you can

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  15. The easiest way to remove all sorts of junk files from your disk is to use a disk cleaner that lets you clean the disk at once. Disk Magic Pro is one of the best available today, as it stands out with a clean interface and a long list of options.
    The interface
    The application’s interface is quite easy to use, letting you select the disk drive or folder and then perform the disk scan in two easy steps: select a scan method and then start the process.

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  16. JFile Splitter…

    Automating RDP Connections – If you have a lot of computers that need to be logged in and out of RDP, this can be a nice, easy way to automate that process.
    I have used this tool quite a few times to automatically open an RDP session on my system and run some batch file. I have also used it to automatically disconnect an RDP client so I can log in and out normally.

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  17. 1-band Effect is an advanced AU plugin that provides various effects for creative purposes.
    It features a user friendly interface with a settings panel that allows the user to select the preset from the list.
    1-band Effect can be used as a compressor, buss compressor/reverb, saturation, distortion, or even delay.
    You can also tweak the various parameters as needed.
    The plugin comes with 10 presets and additional categories to expand the plugin’s feature set.
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  18. version,
    ■ Smartphone and Tablet supported only till version 3.2.0.
    ■ Personal use only.
    Visit for more information

    Using DrillBoard, coaches can create dynamic animations and slideshows illustrating specific match situations, and exercises / drills in soccer.
    DrillBoard is a very yseful utility for soccer coaches. It lets them to create tactics and statistics for the match.
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  19. An interesting icon pack for sure, so if you want to add some Vista icon love to your Vista-inspired desktop, you will get your money’s worth in this icon pack.
    OS: Windows Vista
    RAM: 2.8 GB
    OS Disk: 6.72 GB

    If one would write an entire review about a free wallpaper pack, without reference to quality, the author would still get some points. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what Vista Stock Icons is all
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  20. If you want to create custom RSS feeds or items for an existing podcast feed just drag and drop the items. To read more about how to use this program, read on to the end of this page.

    It is now about time to prepare our RSS feed. Do you have a large
    list of items to add to your feed for a very long period of time?
    If you do, to not miss out on any of your favorite episodes, simply
    add them to a
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  21. 1. Field of the Invention
    This invention relates generally to apparatus for separating sodium chloride from sea water and specifically to an assembly of hydrocyclones which collect lighter and heavier phases so that heavier phase can be recycled and lighter phase can be discharged as a sodium hypochlorite solution for use in de-ionizing river water.
    2. Description of the Prior Art
    Various methods and devices have been developed in the past and continue to be improved to separate sodium chloride from water. In addition
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  22. It works with HTML, CSS or, from the version 3.0.5 of Jhtml2pdf, PDF files.

    In this lesson, we will go through how to prepare our code to allow us to create even greater folders in our same code repository.

    If you have your code repository with multiple folders for different projects, you will have to limit the folders to those which are used by your application. This is where we can leverage the hierarchical folder structure Joomla! already
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  23. One of its downsides is that it hardly monitors the “Save” button to prevent multiple text conversions. Should you ever notice an app saving input text over and over, it would be best to disable it once you’re done. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen in our tests.
    The program itself can be downloaded via this link.

    Adaéf Sigelsk, 31 March 2015

    No, I’m not the developer.

    The programs are freeware; you
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  24. ■ Mediathek is XP compatible : During first version, Mediathek didn’t support printing, it could only exported items in JPG to full-customized files. This limitation was addressed in the second release and the program supports all standard native Windows printing functions as well as other external applications.
    ■ Requires a license agreement to enable support & enhancements for web site development or future libraries management.
    ■ The free version includes the first three months of
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  25. All plugins come with 5 presets and can be freely edited. All effects and presets can be stored and used later on.

    If you buy a plugin and have selected ‘1 Or 2 Plugins from’ and you have 2 or more plugins, the plugin with the highest price wins (always the name of the plugin). So if you have a plugin with 2 different prices (only one/only one), then the plugin with the higher price wins.

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  26. The application has a 40-day money-back guarantee at Store for Windows.


    Can create all kinds of reports and customizable charts
    Clean and intuitive interface
    Includes a tool for automatic column and row fills


    No updates since 2014
    Doesn’t work well under Windows 7 or 8.1


    There is also FlexiSheet, a free open source Java-based cross-platform and
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  27. However, it is worth mentioning that it supports complete Windows systems as well as you can determine whether a piece of software you want to uninstall is being used or not.
    Do you need to remove unneeded Windows components or spy modules?

    Did you know you can find these commonly used upgrades to Windows off the Internet and effortlessly get rid of them? Get More Information reveals more about this article.

    Chris Bi is a professional software developer, copywriter and editor, specialized in his areas
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  28. Some concepts, such as stereo, are not supported by all of the graphic controllers mentioned above.
    Plugin compatibility:
    ■ RealSmooth physics renderer
    ■ Hyperion Renderer plug-in
    ■ The other advantages of using the plugin based rendering engine instead of the Hyperion renderer
    Camera Path Editor demo-system
    ■ You will also have a Live demo-system when you use the Hyperion Renderer with a 3D Studio ®
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  29. Main functionality
    The tool creates an HTML file that contains the editing information from the binary file. It is easy to change information because they can be defined using many instructions (for example, you add the text in the form of code but so can change colors, fonts, formats and other elements).
    html-form can be used to correct any attributes of the website in the assets that can be downloaded from the Internet. The part of the website that is modified can be saved in a
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  30. Intel provides the latest CPUs with hardware control features that let users automate complex computing jobs. Those features include:
    Intel Dynamic Power
    Intel Enhanced SpeedStep
    Intel Speedstep Technology
    Intel Throttling Technology

    Statup Date

    Please note that the article does not reference one over the other, since such a document is not required for these features to work. The new CPU’s support these features by virtue of having a VCore control pin.

    If you don’t know
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  31. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, since it’s an advanced tool for professionals. Even so, like its competitors, Personal Renamer offers intuitive defaults.
    Overall, Personal Renamer is an OK-quality piece of software with a large feature set. However, you shouldn’t expect it to be quite ready for everyday users and it certainly should not be used for modifying critical files. It’s suitable for users who need a robust renaming app with decent controls.
    Other applications for
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  32. For more details,

    Is there any plan for cost based actions implemented so that it works with the hardfork or not?

    If cost based actions are implemented, miners will be penalized for not upgrading to the latest update, and have to cover gas costs to execute the transaction.

    As such, an attacker could calculate the profitability for mining before making an attack, and other mining pools could also take advantage
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  33. This simple tool can help you extract the background of the scanned document or images so that you could change the background color, combine scanned document or images with solid-color background, change an image’s background, or change the background of an image when converted to CMYK and reduce the background color of even large images of a scanned copy of paper. You can combine scanned images that have a solid color and paper background with images and the background of paper. This utility is extremely simple
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  34. It holds a robust set of features in place, which makes it a great tool even when working on a file whose level of difficulty lies well beyond your average image captioning settings.
    We like this app’s ability to give us total control over our work at hand, as well as its ability to automatically figure out various image types and their appropriate settings, so it can come out with the best result.

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  35. Instead of a grid of channels, Tivion Media Center shows you a list, that indicates the channel, title of your favorite show, and all the other programs included. This feature allows you to browse the list quickly, thus conveniently selecting the desired channel and start watching your favorite shows.
    Tivion Media Center gives you enhanced tracking options for your favorite shows and other programs, which include a progress bar, channel and program ID, and episode ID, a timestamp and a list of recently
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  36. The program is 100% free to use and allows you to save full reports in HTML and TXT format.

    SEO checking is a vital step to find the potential of a website’s traffic. All the information will be shown at the end of the SEO check. It is important to check out the errors and flaws in the website.
    Fatal Errors Checking tool has got all the features to check all the prominent errors of a site with the help of a single-click.
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  37. Heyoya’s popularity and reputation keeps increasing with time. We are proud to count many satisfied merchants and thousands of regular users among our users, and constantly assist and help them with their educational activities to improve Heyoya in such a way, that it will be a vital part of the web community life.

    When running Heyoya you can choose between English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

    In the course of history, the internet has evolved over many years from an exclusive
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  38. xml and needs to be loaded in Total Commander to take effect.

    Warning: This plugin is not tested, there may be minor bugs. The Plugin author is not responsible for any damage it may cause.

    Plugin features

    XML file containing plugin-related information, including the following general information:
    – Supported application versions
    – Backup folder, maximum allowed number of backup files
    – The working path to the backup folder
    – Created date of the XML file
    – A URL
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  39. VideoTamer:
    · Combines animations with related videos to create jaw-dropping screensavers
    Create DVD ScreenSaver:
    · Create your own DVD screensaver with easy-to-use wizards
    · Create PC screensavers
    SlideShow Express:
    · A great slideshow application that can be run directly from a disc
    · Create your own web pages through a wizard

    Software utilities –Archive/bulk tools

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  40. Donald Trump, in his position of the new leader of the free world, has faced problems the world over. However, one issue in particular stands out among the current state of affairs, which is definitely related to the United States expanding its global presence.
    It is an issue that plagued many countries, especially those in Europe and the Middle East, namely the dreaded visa application process. Strangely, the visa application process in the US, despite having to submit the same documents, had nothing to
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  41. AmpzSoft iPhone MP3 Tag Editor and DVD to iPhone Converter is a program that allows you to edit and view MP3 track tags and Compact Disc (CD) and DVD filenames. It is especially useful to correct the titles of songs and DVDs in your collection.
    You can download this application right now from CNET.
    It has a very nice GUI, it is easy to use for a novice user, but it is more comfortable for a professional. Once you familiar
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