Products & Pricing

PMF Partners is a direct lender. In order to facilitate a wider range of projects we also represent a select group of investors across the country. Since types of deals vary widely we recommend you contact us directly with any specific structure or pricing questions.

General Guidelines

Bridge loans that are anticipated to be taken out by another source within a short time frame are typically placed on one-year maturities with renewal options. These loans have no prepayment penalty and payments are for interest only. Projects that are anticipated to last longer will be amortized for up to 25 years. These notes balloon after 3 – 5 years and have prepayment penalties for at least one year.

Maturity Date: 1 to 5 years
Amortization: Interest only or 25 years
Interest Rate: 9.75% – 12%
Prepayment Penalty: 0% to 2%
Loan Points: 3% – 4%
Loan to Value: Up to 65%
Property Types: Primarily commercial and multi-family. Single family will be considered for experience investors. Raw land financed at 25% – 30% LTV.