How It Works

Our loans are asset based; the real property itself is the basis of our lending decision. If a property is producing or can produce sufficient income to pay our note and the value of the property will fully secure the note and provide sufficient equity, then the borrower’s credit is not an issue. Instead of concentrating on minute details of the borrower’s credit history as institutional lenders do, we concentrate our due diligence efforts on the real estate securing the loan.

As private mortgage lenders, we provide the professional real estate investor and property owner with the ability to borrow on underwriting criteria not available through institutional lenders. No credit check or detailed application forms are required and we can usually render a decision in 24 hours.All borrowers that wish to be considered for Private Mortgage Financial Partners funding must complete an application. Click here to apply

  • Fill out online application, where you can upload any supporting docs
  • We will contact you with 24 hours for any additional information needed and to further discuss your financing needs
  • We will render a decision within 24 hours of receiving all requested information
  • For approved loan requests, we will send you a LETTER OF INTEREST outlining loan terms, contingencies and any additional requirements
  • If you accept the LETTER OF INTEREST and wish to move forward you will sign it, upload it, and pay for an MAI appraisal (if you do not have an acceptable one recently performed)
  • We will order appraisal
  • Once we have completed appraisal, title report and survey, we will present your loan to our accredited, pre-approved investors.
  • The loan will be made and serviced by Private Mortgage Investments, LLC
  • We will schedule a closing and funding at a local title company