crowdfunding and real estate

With the advent of crowdfunding platforms in the past, there are many real estate and real estate-related investments available to the passive investor with anticipated annual returns from 8% to 20%. In the past, most have been restricted to accredited investors. Now, new regulations from the SEC as required by congressional action has opened opportunities to non-accredited investors as well. Successfully investing in these syndicated offerings does not require the ability to FIND deals, it requires the ability to ANAYLZE deals. Contact us today!


  1. JVEBrowser has separate windows for the
    input area, contents listing, and the pages currently opened for browsing.
    This browser offers you a lot more options, as compared to IE. You can customize settings, integrate cookies, etc.
    JVEBrowser is the real ‘fast browsing’, which works perfectly on your computer!

    Full Review

    JveBrowser 6 4

    PC Optimizers Full Review


    There are so many different web browsers that offer different

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  2. Ensures your anonymity and freedom, whatever the service
    Sometimes when you are trying to bypass geo-restrictions, it might be a good idea to just get rid of the restrictions, right? HMA! Pro VPN provides such a solution to the issue in question, allowing you to automatically mask your IP and get around one of the most common pitfalls that VPN users have to face while trying to unfiltered themselves from geo-restrictions.
    The application also features a capability

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  3. Furthermore, you can perform a Detailed Study of any project. It features thumbnails of all elements of the project, displaying all of their dimensions, resistance to weight, area and all other relevant data. The application allows you to export the project as a PDF file for use in the construction of a building.
    The application’s main user interface
    Innovative Structural Design Tool is based on several hundred objects, that you can add or remove from your project. The entire user

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  4. The algorithm is simple: it double-maps the original signal for the direction of its desired interpolation (left and right). The weight of the sample obtained from the left is 3/2*w* and that of the sample obtained from the right is 3*w*/2. After applying this filter, the signal is interpolated.

    Although original algorithm comes from butterworth filter, we have made some modifications. Those improve

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  5. Rolling back to an earlier version of Windows isn’t as easy as one may think. You can’t create a rollback point and all the data and systems have to be reorganized back into their previous state. Even if you are facing a serious malware infection, everything is stored on an infected system and your antivirus will not be able to detect the new threat during the rollback process. In such a situation, you can use the Windows uninstaller software for such

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  6. For educational use only.The effects of short duration microgravity on the electroretinogram and scanning laser ophthalmoscope.
    A number of psychophysic experiments were carried out on astronauts when performed in bed with their eyes closed during space shuttle missions. One purpose of this was to determine if the electroretinogram (ERG) and retinal function could be measured in microgravity. The other was to determine whether any changes were observed in the electrooculographic pattern of

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  7. read more

    Bonus Video:

    Mourao Wallpaper Changer is now available in Portuguese version. You may wish to upgrade the program to the latest version in order to enjoy the translation improvements.

    PDF2Cell is an online tool to create Excel-like spreadsheets called PDF Invoice in just minutes.

    PDF2Cell is an online tool to create Excel-like spreadsheets called PDF Invoice in just minutes.

    When you use PDF2Cell,

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  8. Especially with the growth of telecommunication there are many varied scenarios in which it is useful to know if a COM port is actually working. Often, a network switch may be attached via a COM port requiring confirmation of its functionality, a camera or sensor may be attached to a port requiring confirmation of its existence and a line of sight connection between a PC and another device may be required. By being alerted that the port has successfully been connected, you can provide valuable information or may even complete and upload a file

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  9. A simple application that allows you to integrate multiple cloud storage services without worrying about your downtime.
    Price, according to the developer: $6.32
    After Installing, switch off your computer a few times so it install all the required dependencies (there is no paid version yet).

    A magical app from two guys that made it, after absorbing a multitude of free apps form third party, and after finally developing and releasing its feature set too.
    As simple as that.

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  10. Enterprise Organisation

    The sheer amount of data, storage space, user groups, new technologies and entities is growing dramatically every year. All of that in addition to many more variables must be kept in mind. The task of managing these problems is substantial in today’s enterprise environment.
    Therefore, to support enterprise organisations, Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite under the umbrella of the new cloud-based Microsoft 365 platform. This suite helps enterprises address the challenges of how to improve people’s

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  11. How To Use?
    – Press the dark green button “Turn Off UAC” and a dialog to launch “Turn Off UAC” appears, displaying its purpose.
    – If you’re prompted “Do you trust Turn Off UAC”, press “OK” and it will quit.

    Version 9.8 Activation of 1082 times, Download Now!

    While Turning On UAC… I recommend you to remove it as soon as possible.

    This (read

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  12. The database it can use is quite generous as well. Furthermore, you are allowed to use it for 365 days straight, which is a pretty good value, if we bear in mind that even if it means that you are not charged any taxes, employees can still use it, as the software creators clearly state that “it is not a payroll system”. Picture Timeclock also presents a useful solution for the creation of custom messages when somebody comes in too early or too late. The screen shots

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  13. Users will find all the tools they’ll need to add recording material to their library.
    Last Added:

    Firefox is an open-source Mozilla project that is the default web browser for the GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and other operating systems as well as many mobile devices.
    Torrent Details

    Burn your data discs in just a few clicks
    With the ‘Hermes Burning Studio’ users can burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-

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  14. The nature is quite amazing, the olive trees can be seen from some of the rooms.
    Just outside is a huge garden where it’s possible to follow the simple advice of our Lord “Ask and you shall receive.”
    Not everything is explained, you have to discover it.
    Take a deep breath, let your soul sink into the blessed ground, let your heart touch with that of the Lord.
    Here you can have a novena in the name of our Lady to ask for

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  15. It represents a fully featured and easy-to-use database application. It enables you to record, group, sort, search and aggregate multiple information about your family and personal environment.
    Features of “My Family and Personal Environment”
    “My Family and Personal Environment” uses Mozilla Firefox browser as its core engine to allow you to easily and securely add family members, household appliances, home-based service providers and other important aspects into the database. In this program, you will feel 05e1106874 knowwin

  16. You will be able to see at any time which satellites are on the sky.
    You will have also the possibility of being notified each time a new orbit is available or a new solar sailing vehicle launch is detected.
    Totally FREE, DISCREET and UNLIMITED. It does not require registration. No ads.
    DEVELOPED BY a SECURITY EXPERT. It does NOT pass through the web browser proxy.



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  17. The screenshots and videos will be sent as soon as the “Share” button is clicked on.
    FFCamShow is completely free to use for all users

    Metatrader is a free, cross platform, charting and trading platform specifically designed for the forex community. It gives you access to powerful technical analysis analysis tools and currency exchange platforms right from your desktop.Q:

    How to create a custom block on “All listings” page

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  18. You can poll the returned value in your application, and react accordingly. (At least, I would).
    Note that Windows Vista and above have introduced Service State Restore, in which any change in global settings is taken into account immediately; hence, any app that polls for a setting change in those OSes will no longer work.
    It’s a pity, it seems that Windows doesn’t remove the variables automatically when they have no more use.


    What I have:
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  19. is left running in the background till the program has finished. Ensure you have an uninterrupted connection.
    ■ Can only target in the same folder and any subfolders.
    Why Playinitiator Video Web Player is not a scam:
    ■ Released under freemium model, you can use as much as you need, as a paid plan there are thousands of users across the globe, with thousands of views on per session.
    ■ Pricing per year:
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  20. An example of an IC-Link is available at the website
    One advantage of this application is that one can use his own PC’s memory rather than having to obtain an IC card. This can be a real time saver, since the IC card reader may already be purchased. There is also an additional cost savings on postage.
    This application is made possible by a powerful compiler which operates on a PC or Net/PC. All functionality of the
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  21. , you have to change it for remote management of your artifacts.

    BizTalk is Microsoft s application platform for building enterprise applications that are multi-platform, multi-vendor, and hosted in the cloud.
    It gives you the flexibility to connect to your data, message, and voice in any OS, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux, and there is no vendor lock-in with Microsoft s technology.
    It is here to stay, as it can supply you with the
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  22. READ MORE: CNET Editors’ Rating

    In conclusion, Google is positioning T-Mobile and its share of spectrum to make a strong play for 3G/4G coverage. But the question remains: will Verizon and AT&T decide to retaliate, an…

    Microsoft, which has had a long and storied relationship with Nokia, revealed new Lumia-branded Lumia devices for the first time at its Build developer conference on Wednesday.
    The new devices – called the Lumia 930
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  23. Get it now, and let this powerful tool do the work for you.

    Free Report: 7 Ubiquitous Linux Kernel Errors May Force You to Reinstall

    With the ongoing struggles and strife surrounding the kernel series, one constant hasn’t changed. Namely, no matter how little… or much … time you spend behind your computer screen, kernel errors will keep popping up. And that translates into a pain in the neck installation. Or worse.

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    First there’s no options for setting the pen width in the dialog window of the Polygon Tool plugin. The pen width is set via context menu > Options > Pen > Line Width (size). I’ve set it to 0.5 mm, which fits well for my use cases.
    If you have set your point size to ⚪ (This is the most accurate value for the 12 pointed star in Title Pro) then
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  25. As such, you will need to download SEGD Viewer 2.2 (win +mac) and install its latest version yourself.

    Most popular related searches

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    The thinking man’s man cave is an important aspect of being masculine. Well, I would have said that anyway. But, as I’ve gotten older, I think that the electronic accessories have become just as important as the novelty and gadgets a thinking man needs to fulfill his dreams.
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  26. That aside, Rahu Kaal is still an easy way to go through time, better than having to try and remember right away.Q:

    Load two SVG files using d3.js in one Polymer element in document, giving correct cycle order

    I have two SVG-files and I want to use them in a custom component using d3.js and polymer. But when the polymer component is loaded and the svgs are loaded the right order isn’t given, so
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  27. That said, it is still worth taking a look, as it comes at a budget price.
    Reader’s takeaway
    Secure Bin is a lightweight software application that is a perfect fit for organizations, schools, and project managers. It provides support for all types of operating systems and platforms, thus making it a particularly handy utility in the field. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward settings make it a must-have for every PC owner.

    From us to you!

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  28. is an Excel add-in that transforms the zList tool. It is a powerful tool for creating, maintaining and enhancing a master list of items in a database such as Microsoft Access or Excel.
    Most similar to zList, the unique feature of ZEN Excel Cleanup is its ability to:
    – Automatically organize the items in your database,
    – Only show items that are filled in.
    Your data and design are the only things that matter! Rows with data are
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  29. To setup the Group Policy settings to configure trusted add-ins in Outlook for AD and Exchange 2007, you must complete several steps. The steps can be described as follows:

    In your case, the steps need to be performed for computers that are members of the local domain. You must not use this procedure on computers that are part of a separate organizational unit.
    After a few minutes, you should be returned to the Group Policy settings form to start configuring the settings.

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  30. The program’s interface is clear and simple to use.
    There are many HD videos in the internet and it is not something hard to get. However, the process of capturing impressive video images is quite hard. Yes, there are so many complexities involved, but that does not mean that any form of video capture is complicated. In fact, Digi Olympus supports its entry on many fronts for users. This firmware enables you to create and share fantastic looks.
    A smart and easy-to-use
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  31. It will help you cut down your costs on drawing management. CADViewX is a library. You don’t need to buy an additional license for using it in applications. In the future, we plan to add some extra functionality for buying products or services to your benefit.

    Although its a click once solution its highly customizable and a quick glance through the source code shows you a lot of effort has been put into making the code smartly commented and easy to understand. Version 4 adds speed improvements and
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  32. With DVD Copy Plus, you can quickly backup DVD to DVD, CD/DVD or flash disk with excellent copy quality. You can easily use it as a supplement to your DVD player. DVD Copy Plus comes with a built in DVD player and supports all major brand of DVD players.
    Restore DVD On-The-Fly
    Get Perfect Themes!
    Multiple DVD Copy Modes!
    Decryption Codes for DVD-Video
    3-Way DVD Copying
    How to Restore A DVD?
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  33. (optimized for 128 Kbps ADSL2)
    32 bit version:
    64 bit version:
    64 bit version:Medical afflictions that lead to sleep disorder such as insomnia include but are not limited to:
    Insomnia is typically defined by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) as difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or sleeping too much. Psychologically, this is a period of restorative sleep or a feeling of sleep disturbance may also exist
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  34. Keywords

    StereoVisual odometry

    Change Notes

    Version 1.6

    ·Added basis alignment (convert to 3D points first) to the feature matching step, now basis alignment is performed on the feature pose
    ·New dual feature detector, based on Ben-Khalil’s 2008 paper (Dual ORB with Subpixel Precision), gives more robust results
    ·Improved matching of more than 16.000 image pairs (with manually set features
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  35. Although it was a bit different than the expected, it is still a great tool that we can strongly recommend.

    FileExtension Private Pro Enterprise File Name

    If you’re going to use.docx file, you have to know the first four letters.


    Advanced extension changer is known as Advanced Custom Extension Changer or IKEEXT. It is an audacious and audacious tool that can convert the extension of any type of files.
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  36. How does Decipher Backup Repair work?
    After a quick scan of the backup files the program will analyze and fix those that have defects and delete the others. You can have the problem restored in a matter of seconds.
    Warning! Decipher Backup Repair is intended for users who have a legal right to possess backups, and it is not meant for those who don’t have access to their backups and others to whom theft is forbidden. When using it, you agree that the publisher, or in
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  37. Used by Microsoft as the Windows Phone Silverlight application framework, the Toolkit, delivers immediate productivity improvement to a variety of Windows Phone application development scenarios, from creation of basic UI and graphics to building complex applications.

    Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit comes in two editions. Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Producer includes Visual Studio extensions which enable designers and developers to easily leverage the additional controls. Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Runtime includes the controls for local development and debugging, or on a
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