New Interest Rate Based on Hard Money Lending Criteria
We now offer our best borrowers 9.75% interest on true hard money lending criteria.

  • Loans are one to two years, with interest-only payments
  • Three to four points origination fee
  • No application fee and no due diligence fee
  • The borrower pays for MAI appraisal

Most of our loans are brought to us by mortgage brokers or financial intermediaries. Their fees are included in title company instructions and appear on the closing statement.
Examples of Property

Apartment Complex
Automotive Repair Shop
Bowling Alley
Convenience Store
Gas Station
Golf Course
Industrial Manufacturing Facility
Office Building
Office – Warehouse
RV Park
Retail Center
Retail – Single Tenant
Water Park
Private Mortgage Financial Partners always seeks to build long-term relationships with Commercial Mortgage Brokers who approach every loan as a successful professional.
Check our website blog to see the commissions we have paid commercial mortgage brokers in the last six months.  Hard Money Lending

To learn more details or to discuss a possible commercial mortgage, contact us, Private Mortgage Financing Partners.