Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC provides short-term private mortgage financing (hard money loans) secured by investment and commercial real estate. We provide these loans to be used for the acquisition, refinance, rehabilitation, and equity cash out of investment and commercial properties. If you think you meet these criteria, make an application now on our website. No application fee or other costs are due upfront and we usually render a decision in 24 hours.


Properties Financed in the Last 12 Months

Auto Collision, Phoenix & Casa Grande, AZ $2,700,000
Mixed Use Retail/Apts, Memphis, TN $2,400,000
Warehouse, Memphis, TN $2,050,000
Auto Dealership, Indianapolis, IN $2,000,000
Golf Course, Des Moines, IA $1,300,000
Auto Salvage Yard, Tomball, TX $1,150,000
Funeral Home, Lancaster, SC $1,100,000
School Campus, Montgomery, TX $1,050,000
Truck Stop, Remington, IN $1,000,000
Office-Warehouse, Pecos, TX $675,000
Travel Plaza, Montrose, CO $650,000
Retail Shopping Center, Southfield, MI $550,000
Restaurant Building, Houston, TX $540,000
Land, Charlotte, NC $500,000
Vacation Rental, Dubuque, IA $450,000


If you are looking into a property, believe it is a good investment and that it will generate a healthy margin but are short on funds and can secure your loan with investment or commercial real estate, call PMF Partners today. Call us now, if you are considering the purchase of a commercial property. Contact us with any questions, or to run any hard money type loan scenario by us. You can go to our website, click on “Request a Loan Now” and fill out the online, interactive loan application. PMF Partners is a Hard Money lender. We are experts in financing hard to finance deals (hard money, private money) through our private mortgage fund.