CREATIVE FINANCING SPECIALISTS use the following methods
to  make deals happen where others are unable to succeed.

  • Seller provides secondary mortgage financing
  • Bring in a money partner or a credit partner
  • Additional collateral provided by second lien(s) on other real estate
  • Have seller with better credit and property ownership history refinance
    for higher loan amount with buyer assuming loan and paying down payment.
  • Buyer purchases controlling partnership interest and buys out the seller’s remaining
    ownership interest over time. Purchase 51% interest with seller maintaining 49%
  • Wrap around Loan
  • Purchasing “subject to” existing mortgage
  • MASTER LEASE ‘Earn out” with part of master lease payments buying into ownership
  • Crowd fund or syndicate the deal
  • Negotiate with the lender for a discounted payoff
  • SPLIT LAND AND BUILDING – Buy the building while the seller maintains ownership of the land
    and provides a ground lease OR buy the land while the seller maintains ownership of the building.

I have used each of these techniques to finance a “ non – financeable deal”
either for real estate I purchased,  sold, or  financed.

Remember, that in our competitive market, the more value you bring to a deal,
the more your services are valued, the higher fees you’re able to charge.

Private Mortgage Financial Partners is always seeking to build long-term relationships with
Commercial Mortgage Brokers who approach every loan as a successful professional.