$100,000.00 Commission Note Purchase $2.8 Million Principal Balance
bought for $1.775 Million on Arizona Auto Collision Shop
$26,250.00 Commission $1,050,000 Funded on Texas Residential Housing
$20,000.00 Commission $1,000,000 Funded on Indiana Truck Stop
$26,000.00 Commission $650,000 Funded for Office-Warehouse in Texas
$13,750.00 Commission $550,000 Funded on a Michigan Retail Center
$10,000.00 Commission $400,000 Funded Secured by Texas Office Building
$40,000.00 Commission $2,000,000 Financing of Indiana Auto Dealership
$14,200.00 Commission $355,000 Financed for Iowa Apartment Building
$26,000.00 Commission $1,300,000 Funded secured by Iowa Golf Course

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