5. Work only on doable loans …. stop working on loans with little or no chance of being financed and spend the time saved on more productive pursuits, like

4. Develop more lending sources, specifically in the private lending arena. The kind of lenders that few brokers have knowledge of or relationship with.

3. Rework your website with individual pages for specific types of borrowers, instead of a website catering to borrowers in general.

2. Create a presence on the social media platforms, or areas of the platforms where your target client (borrower) is likely to be. Post relevant information, with a “light touch” when it comes to promoting your business.

1. Get paid what your worth….stop working on daisy chain deals where you do all the work and share 2 points with three other brokers. Determine your fee minimums and stick to it. Stop scrambling to “make a living” and start building a business!