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1. I’m not going to pay any upfront fees……I won’t pay for an appraisal, title report, survey, accountant to prepare financials or anything else required to have even an outside chance of getting a loan.
2. I’m going to give you a shot at this loan……because no other lender is even remotely interested in financing this property.
3. My previous lender totally screwed me……by expecting me to make the monthly payments and comply with the other contractual obligations I promised to do.
4. I keep an attorney on retainer…………..he’s the public defender that was assigned to me for my DWI
5. I anticipate the property will be at full occupancy early next year………the property vacancy rate is currently 70%
6. The principal tenant has indicated he wants to renew when his lease is up next year……he’s already given his move out notice
7. The location is like a major European city…………Berlin 1945.
8. I only do non recourse loans………….I plan to cash out and disappear.
9. The financials on the property show a tax loss………he property hasn’t had positive cash flow since the last year of the Bush Presidency
10. My credit score is okay………..480.

To date in 2023, we have funded eight loans, total amount lent was $13,575,000. The commissions paid to mortgage intermediaries was $257,000. If you have a hard to finance loan, give us a call.

Private Mortgage Financing Partners are experts in financing hard to finance deals (hard money, private money) through our mortgage fund, Private Mortgage Investors, LLC. We are also experts in negotiating discounted payoffs and discounted note purchases with banks, as we also own a commercial debt negotiation company.

To submit a loan request, visit our website, click on “APPLY NOW” and complete the online application. No credit check or detailed application forms are required and we can usually render a decision in 24 hours.

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Private Mortgage Financing Partners.