The current loan environment makes it difficult for small businesses trying to bounce back from the pandemic. Banks scrutinize their (post-pandemic) balance sheets to assess loan applications, most are denied, even if their projections are bright.


Banks’ hesitation and lag time on loan applications has led small business owners to consider other options like Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC (PMF Partners) PMF Partners provide short term private mortgage financing secured by investment and commercial real estate. There is no lengthy approval process, a decision is usually rendered in 24 hours. There are no application fee or other costs due up front. Visit our website, click on “Request a Loan Now” and fill out the online, interactive loan application.


Should you still need further assistance with your company financials.  American Finasco provides a variety of services to corporations who are unable to meet all or a portion of their current financial obligations. Contact them directly with any questions. 1.800.299.2909 or Contact Us – American Finasco


Please contact us with any questions or run any hard money type loan scenario by us.  You can call 936.508. 8501 or use our online Contact Form.  Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC  is a Hard Money lender.