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Do you have one or more commercial mortgage notes you would like to remove from your portfolio for liquidity and profitability reasons? Private Mortgage Financing Partners can provide a solution for your institution.  As a private mortgage lender, we purchase commercial mortgage notes. We will pay up to 100% of the outstanding balance but it varies based on the LTV and other circumstances. We are interested in situations where we can work with the borrower to either do a note modification or provide the borrower with enough time to sell the property.  As an alternative to purchasing the existing note we will often originate and fund a new loan and payoff the existing mortgage note.

Over the past 7 years, we have purchased multiple defaulted notes from financial institutions. A few examples of recent note purchases follow:

• Purchased $3.3 million note from an Illinois bank secured by 2 auto collision
shops in Casa Grande, Arizona and Maricopa, Arizona. Note was in default as to
payments and working capital requirements. Worked out loan modification with borrower.

• Purchased $1.15 million note from Chicago bank secured by a golf course in
St John, Indiana. Note payments were current but note had matured and been extended
twice and lender no longer wished to hold notes in this sector.

• Purchased $975,000 note from Houston bank secured by a restaurant
facility and empty office building in Houston, Texas. Worked out forbearance with
borrower allowing him time to sell the properties.

• Purchased $455,000 note from Chicago bank secured by a restaurant / bar facility in
Joliet, Illinois. Borrower wanted to sell the property but needed restructured liabilities to
effectuate the sale.

• Purchased $500,000 note from a private individual who owner-financed the sale of a small retail center in Pinehurst, Texas.

As you well know, the financial landscape fluctuates rapidly. You may not have a need today, but by contacting us for further information, your organization will be prepared for tomorrow with a better alternative. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions and provide further information regarding our business and references.

Mitch Vicknair
Managing Partner
Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC

Don Konipol
Managing Partner
Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC